How To Talk Dirty To A Boyfriend or Husband

May 17th, 2010

When it comes to improving your love life, you should never underestimate the power of dirty talk lines.

One of the biggest barriers to talking dirty is not know what to say. You may be asking yourself if you are doing it right or if you are pushing it too far. Some do not know what their partner wants and may fear their reaction to it. For a person that has never done this before, the idea of using dirty talk lines can seem like a difficult task.

The following are a few “soft” dirty talk lines for those who may be a little shy or new to this:

“This will be the dirtiest night of your life!”
“I really want to feel it, make me feel it!”
“Say my name when you do it like that!”
“You know what I need, give it to me!”
“I wanna do something really naughty to you!”
“Let me go down on you with my tongue.”

The following are a few “hardcore” dirty talk lines for those who are little more experienced:

“Show me how big it is, I like it really big.”
“Don’t stop, I want it deeper….!”
“You think I can swallow all of it?”
“Shoot that come all over me!”
“Spank me hard, I’ve been so bad.”
“I’m getting really wet for you!”

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Tips When Talking Dirty

May 17th, 2010

When using dirty talk lines, you need to take your time and start slow. Your partner needs to feel that he is appreciated and that you want his company. There are different ways of communicating this to him. I like to use sticky notes and leave a message in his car or in the house where he will see it. Sometimes I may go as far as sending him an email at work and telling him how much I loved how we kissed last night.

Usually, he will end up responding one way or another and will want to hear more. This is where you need to use dirty talk lines that are even more steamier. Tell him how you love when he does those naughty things to you. He will probably ask which thing you are talking about. This gets him to ponder about the last time you two were intimate.

The more he thinks about the last time you made love, the more he will want to experience it again. This can only stimulate his sex hormones and make you want more. It is almost like bait to get him in bed with you. Also, men will never forget a past good experience and this is a fact.

Once you have in bed with you, this is where you need to use your dirty talk lines. The idea is to talk to him by whispering, groaning or moaning. This is so important as it can really can arouse a man.

With your body language and breathing, you can indicate to him where you want to be touched and in which way. The more you feel it in certain areas, the more you would moan or breath. This usually comes naturally for some women.

Once you have made a point with your moaning and breathing, you need to throw in your dirty talk lines. Talk about your body and how his body looks. Many men like to be told they are big physically or bigger in certain places.

Then, you need to do that one thing that he absolutely loves and stop for a moment. Look him straight in the eyes and ask him if he wants more. Its best to use dirty talk lines when asking him if he wants more. This will make it even more steamy for him.

If you engage him to talk with you, it will encourage you to use more dirty talk lines. Men will naturally say something back. This is where you need to counter him with even steamier dirty talk lines. This method is only one of many that I learned from the dirty talk guide.

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Dirty Talk Lines For The Phone

May 15th, 2010

Using dirty talk lines on the phone can turn into one of the most exciting conversations you will ever have. In fact, it is a huge business as people are paying big bucks for it everyday. When looking at all the different places you can use dirty talk lines, the phone has to be on of the easiest. The reason is that it`s much simpler to do it over the phone then in person.

The first thing you need to do is quit all the mental dialogue or worrying before your call him. Go in with an open mind say anything you may feel. To make it flow well, try your best not hold back any words or feelings.

Tell your partner that you are touching yourself, which is a sure way to turn him on. Your goal is to let him hear you moan and whisper a few times. Keep in mind that your presentation is important as you are painting an erotic picture in his head.

The more he gets into it, the more comfortable you will feel to take it to the next level. When it comes to talking about your private parts, you can use whichever words you feel comfortable with. There are so many to choose from that it would be impossible to name all of them.

The most important thing is not to get carried away with your fantasy and listen to his reactions. He may start responding and you need to listen to his dirty talk lines. Next, you will want to build on what he is saying.

For example, he may be telling you that he wants you touch yourself deeper. In that case, you should do it (if you are comfortable) and tell him how that makes you feel. I would go even futher by saying “I’m getting really wet” and moan his name really loud.

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Dirty Talk Lines For The Kitchen

May 14th, 2010

Your dirty talk lines do not need to begin when you are in bed. Believe it or not, they can start in the kitchen. In fact, this is a great way to give your partner a tease before you really get things started. Also, you’ll feel even more comfortable to say things in the bedroom when he begins responding to you.

I like to give my boyfriend a little tease with my body language and words. I like to catch his eye with whatever I am doing in the kitchen. For example, I take a cucumber that I’m planning to cut in his salad and I gently stroke it while he is watching me.

If you do not have a cucumber, try the following tomato technique:

I grab a big chunk of sliced tomato and take a bite while the juice drips onto my lips, then I suck it off. I look at him and tell him things like how juicy and tasty it is. Afterwards, I lick the dollop of cream of my thumb and give him a look while I am doing it. Then, I would say things like “├Čt`s so tasty, kinda like you” and would look him directly in the eyes.

I know it sounds a little weird but, it may be a good idea to practice this in front of the mirror till you are comfortable. The more natural you look, the better the outcome. Also, it is always important to look at him while you are doing any of these things. Men love being looked at while the woman is doing or saying something naughty.

With the tomato technique, I like to always show my actions as body language is important. Then, I say thing that will really catch his attention. The idea is not say all of your dirty talk lines too soon as you are trying to slowly build up excitement for the bedroom.

From this scenario, you can see that dirty talk lines do not always need to be hardcore and that you can impress your partner with your actions and words. Its important to be comfortable with things you are saying so that you actions will match your words. This is why I practiced dirty talk lines infront of the mirror when I started out.

A good tip is to start out slow and marginally move up with steamier dirty talk lines. The more he is responding to you, the more confidence you will have to say naughty things.

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